Hair coloring is an art!

Hairdressers are artists: they are hair artists. As such, we tend to fragment the hair color spectrum into many colors and tones that rankly, only someone who works with colors would really ever need.

When we dye or highlight hair, it’s very important to choose the tones carefully so that the blending of the tones (or even colors) is done smoothly, unless a client wants a very edgy and contrasting hairstyle.

As a rule of thumb, you should be able to get your hair done in any color you want. If you are limited in hair colors for your hair, then you know your hairdresser is not as good as you thought he or she was. Some hair salons go as far as limiting the range of colors so that hairdressers force specific colors on clients who are asking for a hair color that is either to expensive to keep on stock or that requires a special skill to apply to the hair. When you are getting your hair colored, you are taking a big risk as the smallest mistake can ruin your hair, so the cheaper hair salons would rather not risk a hair catastrophe from their under-trained staff.

At Via del Leerbe hair salon, we offer the whole spectrum of hair colors and tones, and you can rest assured that you will be getting an impeccable service!